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Consultation for Holistic Pet Health Coaching

$ 80.00 USD

As a certified Holistic Pet Health Coach, I can help you with a diet and lifestyle plan designed specifically for your pet. Holistic Health Consultation Packages include reviewing your pet’s records and medical history, private calls with regular email communication, consults via Zoom or video chat, access to online resources, and so much more. I can not diagnose or treat medical conditions, nor prescribe medications. I am here to coach you on diet, nutrition, and lifestyle changes, to help your fur baby live its BEST life!

Consultation for Holistic Pet Health Coaching

Organic & Vegan

A Certification as a Massage Practitioner is a credential granted to individuals who have completed a massage therapy training program, indicating their qualification to practice as professional massage therapists.

Non-GMO & Cruelty Free

The IAAMB Certification signifies proficiency in animal massage and bodywork, granted by the International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork.

Made In The USA

A Dog Handling Certification is a credential showing competence in safely managing and working with dogs, often required for roles in dog training, pet care, and animal shelters.

Veterinarian Approved

Animal Aroma Level 1 is a training in using aromatherapy for animals, introducing participants to essential oils and their applications for animal well-being.

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Consultation for Holistic Pet Health Coaching

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