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The most powerful antidepressant- PETS

August 26, 2020

COVID19, World Chaos and PETS

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What a crazy time we are living in 2020.  COVID19, political chaos, human chaos,floods, fires, hurricanes.  It really does seem like the end of the world is near. Remote learning for our kids and college students.  Working from home is the new normal.  Cities that were once full of life and vibrant, are now like Ghost Towns.


I haven’t hugged my parents since early March.  They are in their 70’s and very healthy,however, my mother is literally scared to death of this virus!  She will not come visit us and when I visit her, we are in masks and socially distanced. We can’t hug.  I am a hugger and I miss hugging my parents and friends.

I miss Saturday and Sunday gatherings at our local bar with our friends.  I miss a lot of things.  But through all of this, my dogs make me happy!  They wiggle their butts,they lick my face, they chase each other and bark!  My dogs are silly goofy butts that make me forget about all the chaos in our current world.


Research has shown that our Furbabies can lower blood pressure and even ease depression. The University of Missouri-Columbia studies on animal and human interaction has found that certain hormonal changes do occur that could help cope with certain stress related disorders. Preliminary results from a study show that just of few minutes of stroking our pets prompts a number of “feel good” hormones in humans including serotonin, prolactin and oxytocin.


In addition, petting our doggos or cats result in decreased levels of the stress hormone cortisol. This is the adrenal chemical responsible for regulating appetite and the cravings for carbohydrates.


Therapy dogs have been used to visit nursing homes,children’s hospitals to calm traumatized children and help ease pain inpatients going through physical rehabilitation.


Bottom line, pets make us happy!  I will end this blog with two quotes that I love and I think you will also!


“ Until one has loved an animal- a part of one’s soul remains unawakened “ -  Anatole France


“ You think dogs will not be in heaven!  I tell you they will be there  long before any of us” – Robert Louis Stevenson

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The most powerful antidepressant- PETS

COVID19, World Chaos and PETS

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