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Traditional Veterinarian care and Holistic Pet Health Services work hand in hand to help your pet live it's BEST life!

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Holistic Pet Health Coaching Services

Have you ever found yourself at the ER Vet, wondering if what they were telling you was all you could do for your pet?

Wondering if there was anything else you could do that didn't include powerful medications with powerful side effects? Wondering if supplements might help and how to give safe and effective doses?

Need one-on-one help for your pet?

As a certified Holistic Pet Health Coach, I can help you with a diet and lifestyle plan designed specifically for your pet. Holistic Health Consultation Packages include reviewing your pet’s records and medical history, private calls with regular email communication, consults via Zoom or video chat, access to online resources, and so much more.

I cannot diagnose or treat medical conditions. I cannot prescribe medications. That is what your vet does. I am here to coach you on diet, nutrition and lifestyle changes, to help your fur baby live its BEST life!

The Peaceful Paw is focused on spreading awareness about healthy lifestyles to help pets live longer, happier lives.

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Benefits of Professional Pet Massage Therapies

Discover the extensive benefits of professional pet massage therapies that go beyond mere pampering. While it may seem like glorified petting, skilled manipulation of the soft tissues can have a profound impact on your pet's well-being. Massage therapy not only relieves muscle tension but also realigns the spine and body, improving overall body systems.

Massage therapy is a holistic approach that restores balance and promotes overall wellness in your furry family members. When combined with regular veterinary care, it provides invaluable benefits for your pet's physical and emotional health. Don't overlook the transformative power of professional pet massage therapies in enhancing your pet's quality of life.

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Professional Pet Massage Therapy

Experience the incredible benefits of dog massage therapy with Lori Megginson, a certified practitioner who brings five years of expertise to every session. Through the power of touch, this specialized therapy offers a wide range of advantages for your beloved furry friend. By targeting areas of discomfort such as stiffness, inflammation, and muscle spasms, dog massage therapy effectively reduces pain and promotes increased comfort and mobility. Your dog will experience improved muscle tone, enhanced spinal and body alignment, increased flexibility, and a wider range of motion. These physical improvements contribute to a healthier and more active lifestyle for your canine companion.

Beyond the physical benefits, dog massage therapy also has a profound impact on your pet's emotional well-being. It helps reduce anxiety, alleviates stress, and aids in easing emotional traumas, providing a sense of relaxation and overall well-being. Additionally, the therapy promotes blood and lymph circulation, enhancing the immune system's function and contributing to improved overall health and vitality. Give your beloved pet the care they deserve and discover the remarkable effects of dog massage therapy on their physical and emotional well-being.

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Scope Of Practice

As a Certified  Pet  Massage Practitioner I am trained in the PetMassage ™ technique which aids in relaxation and initiates self healing of dogs through the use of knowledgeable, compassionate touch, compression, kneading and energy balancing.  The PetMassage ™ practice enhances the body-mind awareness of the dog. PetMassage ™ does NOT include deep-tissue work or extremes of joint movement.  As a Certified Pet Massage Practitioner, I can not diagnose or treat specific medical disorders.  I do not prescribe medications nor give medical advice.   Issues that I am not trained to address will be referred to your Veterinarian.  

"Massage is the touch of the physical and  energetic body with a healing purpose" - Cheryl Schwartz, DVM, Four Paws Five Directions

Our Mission Statement

My vision, as the owner of The Peaceful Paw, is to utilize my knowledge, experience and skills to be your ongoing partner in the health and well being of your best friend.  To act with integrity, professionalism and compassion toward each individual pet and their guardian. Foster ongoing coordination with my clients' other pet services to enhance total pet care.

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Massage Practitioner

A Certification as a Massage Practitioner is a credential granted to individuals who have completed a massage therapy training program, indicating their qualification to practice as professional massage therapists.

IAAMB Certification

The IAAMB Certification signifies proficiency in animal massage and bodywork, granted by the International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork.

Dog Handling Certification

A Dog Handling Certification is a credential showing competence in safely managing and working with dogs, often required for roles in dog training, pet care, and animal shelters.

Animal Aroma Level 1 Certificate

Animal Aroma Level 1 is a training in using aromatherapy for animals, introducing participants to essential oils and their applications for animal well-being.

Customer Reviews

Happy customers, happy us! We're over the moon reading your fantastic reviews. From raving about our products to applauding our health benefits, you rock our world with your kind words. Keep 'em coming, and let's keep this awesome vibe going!

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Bagel Wood

100% recommend The Peaceful Paw natural and organic products. Superb quality and small batches. We love the kiss my paw balm. 🥯🐾

May 21, 2021

Susie A.

Murphy LOVES massages from Lori. When she comes in, he greets her and then immediately flops down for his treatment. Her products are amazing. Murphy has tons of allergies, but the soothing spray, paw balm and shampoo work so well to calm his skin irritations. No itches! Yesterday he got into something sticky. I washed his feet with her shampoo and it cleaned him right up. Lori and The Peaceful Paw are the best.

October 6, 2020

Tristan V.

The Peaceful Paw has some of the best products out there for dogs. Not to mention the owner has extensive knowledge of dog therapy and natural healing. No more anxiety and itchiness for Dixie! Highly recommend.

August 26, 2020

Amber S.

My beagle has a lot of anxiety when left alone. I used the calming aid and it did wonders for him. I was not hyper when I got home and seems much more calm. I recommend this spray!!! Thank you Lori!

June 19, 2019

Haelli W.

Lori was absolutely wonderful to have for our dog Gus! He loved his massage and was very well rested afterwards. Will definitely be using in the future!

March 12, 2019

Keith M.

Very educational, written by a true professional that cares about the health of your dog as if it were her own.

February 18, 2019

Lori S.

The love, care and schooling Lori has put in to providing healing and love to our fur babies is absolutely amazing! Thank you for what you do!

February 5, 2019

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