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August 6, 2020

There has been a growing interest in cannabis-related products for both humans and pets. Now more than ever, the pet industry is buzzing about cannabidiol, or CBD.

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There has been a growing interest in cannabis-related products for both humans and pets. Now more than ever, the pet industry is buzzing about cannabidiol, or CBD. And while major studies are currently being conducted, there have been no completed studios to provide major data on the properties of CBD on pets, dogs in particular, many consumers have reported anecdotal evidence of the range of benefits CBD products offer their pets.

Manufacturers and retailers need to be cognizant of everything surrounding CBD and its products. This includes working with other members in the pet industry as well as communicating with customers to know the health status of their dog. The ultimate goal is to find the best use of these products and how they can be a long-term benefit for dogs.

What we know of cannabidiol is that, unlike Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD will not produce any “high” or euphoric sensations. The common belief is that CBD oil has a wide range of benefits for dogs, such as reducing anxiety and seizures, increasing appetite and being an anti-inflammatory to prevent arthritis.

While some sellers argue a very small amount of THC is ok for dogs, most vet's would argue that only 0% THC is the safest option for your dog. Ask any veterinarian, marijuana poisoning is a very real and dangerous thing. Removing ALL the THC will add to the cost, but also boost the safety.

If you’ve shopped CBD online you’ve likely seen a wide variety of pricing which can be confusing.

Oftentimes, too low of a price can signal poor or inconsistent quality. A trustworthy CBD supplier will go the extra mile to test their CBD by batch to ensure its efficacy and purity.  Below are 8 Vital facts you should know before purchasing CBD for your Pet:

1) Never purchase a CBD product without looking at the Certificate of Analysis ( COA) If the manufacturer can not provide it, MOVE ON.  

2) Ideally, purchase " Nano-sized microemulsion" CBD

3) Choose a product with no detectable THC

4) Only purchase an Organic Hemp Product

5) Low price may be a red flag.  Some companies will cut corners on quality. IF the price is too good to be true, then it usually means this is not a good choice.

6) Beware of products labeled only as "Hemp Oil"

7) Choose full spectrum instead of CBD Isolate

8) For therapeutic use, only buy as a tincture

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